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Maine Woman Struggling with infertility & IVF
Maine Woman Struggling infertility & IVF

In Aug.1995,I had an ectopic pregnancy in my right tube. The doctor than performed a laparoscopy on me to remove the embryo from my tube. The doctor left my right tube and ovary there.

Bob and I both love children and our love for one another was so strong we decided early on in our relationship to start trying to conceive. After a few years of trying we were concerned as to why we weren't able to conceive. At one of my regular check-ups at the doctor's office. I explained what was happening with us (or shall I say, what wasn't happening with us). They assured me that everything was fine with me and the odds of him were pretty good due to the fact that he already has a beautiful girl from a previous relationship.

A few more years had gone by with still no conception. We were charting my temperature, cycle, cervical mucus, and timing of sex and couldn't understand what was going on. We even went as far as ordering products online to check his sperm count and herbal products for me. Nothing seemed to work.

In April 2003 we went on vaction to Orlando, Florida to Disney. Like we do every year in April. Anyway This year we also stopped at Ripley's on International Drive and there was a Fertility Statue in there. I touched it. We got pictures too. Maybe I will post it on here sometime.

Then in Aug.2003 we moved into a house and we were both busy with work, moving, packing and unpacking and such, not paying any attention to my cycle. On Tuesday Oct.28th,2003 I came home from work early feeling extremely tired (which was strange since I had the past two days of from work) I had also had some dry heaves that day and a few days before hand, thought I was coming down with something. I told Bob how I felt and he asked when my last period was. I don't know was my answer. I went in and checked my calendar and I was 17 days late. I found an old home pregnancy test that was still good. We agreed that I would wait and try it in the morning. Well I couldn't wait and took the test right away. I was in such shock....oh my god...oh my god....oh my all I could say....then I let out a big, loud scream...Babe come here ! We both stared at it right??????? Is it right????? Could the result really be right?????? I have taken several home tests in the past and knew what a negative test result looked like. I then went to the store and bought 3 more pregnancy tests....hahahahahaha.... I took another test when I got back from the store, again was positive. In the morning I took another test, again positive ! We even used our digital cameras and took pictures of our we both jumped up and down in joy ! When I got home from work on Wed. Oct.29th, 2003 I took another test. We had never been so happy in our lives as we were that day. The next day I made a appointment at the doctor's office to confirm what we had found out. They got me right in as a walk-in on Oct.30th, 2003. At the appointment they had taken a urine sample from me. Bob and I told them then of my previous ectopic and that we were concerned about the possibility of that happening again. They sent us home and said they would call us in a couple hours with the test results. Sure enough at 4:30 pm Thurs. Oct.30th, 2003 we were confirmed that the result was indeed positive. WE ARE PREGNANT ! On Fri. Oct.31st,2003 I went in to pick up my prenatal vitamins and paperwork. While there they took another urine sample and this time also blood work. I again told them of my previous ectopic and that I also have the RH Factor blood type. They again sent me home, leaving me to believe that my pregnancy was fine.

On Tuesday, Nov.11th, 2003. Two weeks later. The day started out like any other normal day. I got up at 4:00am got ready for work, kissed Bob good-bye and drove to work. I felt good except for being really tired. While in my office I was joking around and stuff with my co-workers then all of a sudden I felt an urge to go to the restroom and then a sharp pain followed, as if I had constipation. While walking to the restroom the pain appeared to get worse. While in the restroom I had fallen on the floor (apparently I passed out/fainted) when I stood up I was seeing stars, and sweating so bad my clothes were soaked, felt hot one moment and cold the next. I had a hard time focusing. My cell phone was in my pocket, since I always carry it with me. I managed to dial the number to my work and told my co-worker where I was and that I needed help fast. I still didn't know what was going on, and I had never been pregnant before other than with the last ectopic. I just thought it was part of morning sickness or really bad constipation. I asked my co-worker if this was normal. She said no and we are going to find out what's going on with you and get you some help. My other co-worker called the ambulance and then called Bob to tell him I was being sent to the emergency room. The ambulance showed up and they made me walk to the ambulance, step up into the back of the ambulance. Oh, I was in so much pain. I was moaning and crying and very scared. Sure wished they would have helped me into the ambulance, guess they didn't realize how bad my pain really was. Shortly after I got to the emergency room Bob showed up and stayed at my side whenever he could. The emergency crew took me to the ultrasound room, it hurt to have the ultrasound procedure performed on me, each time the probe would go to the left it was such intense pain. My mother was there and held my hand for comfort. The woman performing the ultrasound then turned the volume up and we heard our baby's heart beat for the first and last time that day. When I first heard the heart beat I thought everything was ok they found a heartbeat the baby is alive, thank God. Then we heard the devastating news when the doctor came in and told us that I had an ectopic in my left tube and they would have to take our baby ASAP...and that I was also filled with fluid, the fluid being blood, I was bleeding internally due to the fact that my left tube had ruptured and if I didn't have surgery soon there would be a possibility that I would die. I remember lying there in the hospital bed crying all night after my friends, family, and Bob had gone home for the night. The nurses there were so good to me. They would come in, sit and talk with me trying so hard to make feel better. Sure I was in physical pain, but nothing compared to the emotional pain I was going through and still am to this day. The doctor took my left tube and left ovary during this surgery and told me that all that is left is my right tube and right ovary however my right tube is poorly damaged and a normal pregnancy wouldn't conceive naturally through there. I don't remember at which point it dawned on us that we got pregnant after touching the Fertility statue. But isn't that something ?

Our only chance now to conceive is through IVF. This is a very expensive procedure. Most insurances do not cover In Vitro (IVF).

What I would like to see happen and what I plan to do.

A support group for Maine couples struggling with infertility due to tubal blockage / damage with IVF as only option to conceive.

Financial support for us and others here in Maine.You may donate towards IVF. Any donation would be greatly appreciated, even $1.00 can add up. And thank-you to those of you who have emailed prayers and who have donated to "Our Dream Baby"

My gift and thank-you to others would be donating my left over eggs if there is any. And donating towards others going through what we went through.

For more information or to make a donation please scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find our email and mailing address. We will keep you all updated as we start with the IVF and it's outcome. Thank-you for all your support, donations and prayers. May God Bless you too ! Bob & Tamara

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